Many children with disabilities have few areas in their lives in which they feel able to exercise real choice and control. Play can be a process through which they can regain a sense of control or work through difficult or challenging experiences.

Theresa Casey, Former president of the International Play Association.

Rather than traditional talk therapy, play therapy can be a more developmentally appropriate approach for addressing the needs of your child. Play becomes the avenue for healing, growing, exploring and communicating.

Play is how we are made, how we develop and adjust to change. It allows us to express our joy and connect most deeply with the best in ourselves and in others.

Stuart Brown

Play supplies the brain with what it needs for learning later in life, maximizing the child’s chance of being a happy and healthy member of the society.

Kris Allen

Play contains all developmental tendencies in a condensed form and is itself a major source of development.

Leg Vygotsky

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