Slide For Our Children Creating awesome memories

Passion for What we Do

Always driven by the passion for what we do, we create playgrounds and urban areas that we trust our children and family to play in, safely and securely!

Trustworthy Suppliers

We maintain long-lasting collaborations with trustworthy suppliers that enable us to provide our clients with sustainable, modern, and safe playground equipment models.

Vast Experience

With more than 14 years of experience on our shoulders, we make sure to provide the best possible customer experience via a range of quality and safe products and services.

Story About Us

Our company counts more than 14 years of professional experience in the supply and installation of commercial playgrounds, urban and sports equipment as well as safety surfacing. 

Some of Our Projects

When designing or implementing a project, we make sure we use all our creativity and professionalism in achieving the ultimate result, while following at the same time all the designated safety standards. 




The first and most crucial stage before submitting any offer involves the analysis of the information gathered, the specification of what the client wants to achieve based on the budget he has available and the profound examination of the special characteristics of  the site.


We implement various plans based on the information exchanged.  Matching our long expertise and our trustworthy suppliers’ chain with each client’s needs, we can propose the best possible, quality and value-for-money solution.

Taking Action

The final step is the most creative and most exciting part of the process. The implementation and installation of the playground and other areas are now completed and we are looking forward to seeing some happy faces enjoying them, regardless of age!