What to consider when choosing the right playground

Choosing the proper playground equipment is anything but easy. There are, of course, some more general factors to consider in order to choose the right playground equipment based on your needs and we are listing some of these below:

  • Age of the Intended Users
    When buying a play unit, you need to keep in mind the age of the group the itis intended for. Even though our wide range of equipment covers a variety of age groups, not every piece of equipment is suitable for every age.
  • Available Space
    Another important factor in choosing the right playground equipment is the space you have available for it. Contrary to what you may think, not all playground equipment takes up a lot of space, and many of our units can easily fit everywhere. However, knowing exactly how much space you have available will help rule out equipment that is far too large to fit in the designated area. Don’t forget to consider the safety area as well, as you’ll need to allow space for safety decking to protect children from impact should they fall off the equipment.
  • Materials
    Choosing the appropriate material type is important for ensuring the playground’s sustainability and potential damage. Therefore, whereas the play area is near the sea or the mountains, is exposed to the sun or the rain etc., you may choose among aluminium or stainless steel, wood or metal, HPL or HDPE and so many other materials that match their intended environment.
  • Home or Commercial Use
    When assessing playground or outdoor environments, purchases should be made only from manufacturers that meet guidelines and standards. It is therefore important to always know that the European Standard for playgrounds intended for commercial use is the EN-1176, while the equivalent standard for home use is the EN-71.
  • Personal Preferences
    Playground equipment models are offered in different shapes and forms, from the more classic to the more contemporary ones; it’s all a matter of personal taste, preference, and available budget!
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