Rubber Tiles

When building a playground area, safety standard is a top issue. Children should play happily, free of any risk of injury, inspired by colors and shapes. Parents, on the other hand, should feel safe knowing that flooring tiles offer the most effective protection from injuries. The playground flooring tiles we offer are not only are easy to install and maintain, but they are also a smart, joyful and affordable way to ensure that children don’t get hurt while playing around.

Flooring tiles are designed to absorb the impact of the falling body and significantly decrease the overall shock to the child. For this reason, it’s very important to choose the appropriate floor height according to the playground’s critical falling height before every installation. They are extremely durable, unharmed by weather conditions and ideal for internal or external use.

Flooring tiles can be installed to any of the most rough-and-tumble environments like daycares, schools, public or private playgrounds, multi-generation recreation facilities even stairs and walkways. They are produced from recycled crumb rubber granulate with polyurethane binding agent and have an EPDM finish.

The tiles we offer come in a variety of non-toxic colours and patterns to integrate in your playground design while they meet the highest quality and safety standard according to EN 1176:2008 & EN 1177.