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Dimensions 691 × 588 × 1200 cm



Pyramid-shaped tower with a maximum height of 1200 cm consisting of four Glulam load-bearing beams, suitable in size, produced by gluing together several Nordic hardwood conifer planks with a fine grain and compact texture, vein against vein, using polyurethane adhesive in environmental class 0 without added solvents or formaldehyde certified by the Otto Graf Institute in Stuttgart under the DIN 1052 standard.

Five standing levels made of a Glulam frame and wooden planking connected by internal stainless steel ladders, three tunnel slides, 80 cm in diameter, located at heights of 787, 601 and 465 cm made of coloured polyethylene not subject to alteration due to weather; washable and fully recyclable. For both aesthetic reasons and maximum safety requirements, from the first platform, all four sides of the whole structure will be buffered by special stainless-steel tubes with a thickness of 1”, side by side and positioned vertically so as to close the top of the layout completely. These will then be welded to the perimeter steel frame. The frame of the structure will be made of galvanised steel of suitable dimensions. The manufacturer’s logo is placed at the top on a swivel pin (like a wind vane). All the wood used to make the toy will be impregnated with copper salts and boron in the autoclave, and will be chromate-free to prevent rotting and further treated with specific products against chemical and physical degradation caused by ultraviolet light on lignin. The nuts and bolts used to assemble the structure will be housed in special coloured high strength plastic capsules. All the plastic materials used are fully recyclable.